What is Sustainable Issaquah?

Sustainable Issaquah was founded in 2008 by a small but dedicated group of community members who wanted to take positive action to make Issaquah a more self-sufficient, healthy, and better place to live today and tomorrow.

What are we doing to make that happen? We are facilitating the shift of ideas into actions, while encouraging citizens to support lifelong practices that encourage community strength and environmental stewardship.

What is Our Vision?

We envision an Issaquah…
…in which neighbors know and help each other.
…easy to get around in via modes of transportation other than cars.
…that honors nature and enhances the forests and streams that support wildlife.
…that could support itself and overcome many of the challenges of a changing world.

How Can You Get Involved?

Sustainable Issaquah holds periodic meetings, open to anyone, to gather ideas and initiate actions. Some of the actions already underway are helping us reduce our energy use, grow local food, meet our neighbors, and learn together.

The actions the organization takes come from interested members of the Issaquah community, like you!


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